High Stick Vodka is proud to be the the most uniquely Canadian bottle of spirits, as voted by us!  Come enjoy our vodka mixed in your favorite cocktail or highball.
High Stick Vodka is made by mixing Canadian glacier fed water with finest grains we could find in Western Canada.
High Stick vodka is a proud supporter of all seasoned and not so seasoned hockey go getters' just looking for a drink to enjoy after the game.
We are a proud Canadian, gluten free vodka made right here in Western Canada.  Our Vodka is perfect on its own or mixed into your favorite drink.
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Our retail bottle is our same award winning, great tasting vodka, just in an easier to shelve bottle.  Our Vodka Alcohol percentage is 40%.

Being the best was simply not good enough...

Having the best vodka bottle in all of Canada was not good enough for us.  No, we needed some punch for our flair.   

So we set out creating a one of a kind Double Gold Premium Candian Vodka for our fans, our quality is our commitment and gratitude to some of hockeys' most loyal fans.  We are amoung the best Canadian Vodka's available, make sure to ask your local store to carry either our premium stick or our new retail bottle of High Stick Vodka.  

We can not wait to hear your feedback on our award winning, Double Gold, purely Canadian vodka.  You may ask, how is it made?  Well, its made from Canadian dreams, bottled and sold with passion being our quality standard.
Try one of Canada's best vodkas!  High Stick Vodka is fast becoming a top selling vodka in Canada, tied to our pride of a job done well we bring you a drink that can keep up, mix and enjoy or go straight.  Our vodka is sure to impress!

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We are proud to announce that we have finally worked your feedback into action.  Our team has assembled a fully stocked apparel and merchandise section for you, our loyal High Stick Vodka fans!  

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Our Favorite Recipes to your Favorite Vodka Cocktails

Strawberry Vodka Martini

Who doesn't love a good Vodka Martini!!?  Check out our super simple Vodka Martini Recipe - Four simple ingredients but a ton of delicious flavour! 

Check it out in our here in our Blog!

Crisp Vodka Drink Mixed to be a Holiday Favorite!

The Cinnamon and maple syrup mix to sweeten and smooth the apple cider in this amazing holiday drink!   

For more drinks like this please check out our blog. 

Please enjoy our Vodka responsibly a

Play on the Traditional, Vodka with Soda and More!

The lime sugar syrup mix in this drink in a way you forget there is vodka in this drink.  So delicious and fragrant, perfect for a warm patio or a vodka on the beach this summer.  

To find out the rest of this drink and many more, please check out our blog

We are proud to marry hockey with the number one spirit in Canada, vodka to bring you the uniquely Canadian High Stick Vodka.  How many calories are in our Vodka?  Not enough to not enjoy it!! Mix and drink our vodka responsibly.

Vodka Diaries... Um, Varieties.

What makes Vodka such a popular liquor has be its versatility.  The ability to pair Vodka in drinks seems almost endless, but want to pass on a new spin to a few of the classics. Namely Vodka Cran or Vodka OJ your choice:

Vodka and Cranberry Juice - Providing both sweet and tart flavour Cranberry juice.  

Expert tip, use REAL Cranberries and some fresh squeezed lemon juice with water and a hint of honey - You are welcome! ;) 

Vodka with Orange Juice - This classic never goes out of style and is the go to of many who swear by the hair of the dog.  

Expert Tip, call us crazy, but a dash of Fanta (TM) and a couple of cherries brings a whole new element to this timeless drink!  Enjoy your next Vodka with Orange Juice with our twist and let us know your thoughts!  

Check out the High Stick Vodka blog for more recipes and other news! 

Our commitment: Making the best vodka for Canadians, right here in Canada.

High Stick Vodka is proud to present a Canadian made ultra-premium vodka.  Our Vodka is made from the finest quality grains available in Western Canada, we are proud to present the most Canadian Vodka you will ever find!  Oh, and it happens to be one of the best quality vodkas that you will find as well.  

High Stick Vodka is FOUR times distilled, carbon filtered and bottled in the heart of the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. We sought the finest grains and the purest mountain water to make one of the best vodka’s on the market. Our unique meticulous process ensures all impurities are guaranteed to be filtered out.  This is the only way to ensure that we provide the highest quality Vodka spirit for our loyal hockey fans.   Every time you enjoy our product you are trusting that we take every step possible, ensuring the water is filtered and mixed with utmost precision to ensure a crisp and clean Vodka. It’s no surprise that High Stick Vodka won the Double Gold award and Best Vodka at the WSWA tasting competition.