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*** Map under construction -- This map shows retail locations that carried High Stick Vodka. in the past. We have no good way of verifying inventories in stores so please check in advance of visit. ***


This is always the problem for Liquor brands. What brands of alcohol does the store near me carry?? 

Well, we have a solution, and guess what - you can help us!  

High Stick Vodka would like you to help us tag the locations that currently have our Vodka!  Doing this will enter you for a monthly draw for any one product from our Merchandise store!!  One one entry per person per store per month... lol :)  This is a fun draw, so rules are a bit more relaxed than that.  More than one person can enter using the same store, however each person can only enter a location once, but can enter more than one location!!  Happy playing!!  

On that note, please (tag) #HighStickLookup and post where you see our vodka.  There  could be free stuff in it for you!!  No purchase necessary.

All winners need to be following us on Instagram at time of winning.  

Must be 18 + or of the Legal age of drinking in your current location to enter.