About Us

Welcome to the locker room.  

High Stick Vodka was started when we brought together our two favorite passions, hockey and vodka.  We knew our creativity was going to pay off the first time we saw our dream come to life, a hockey stick shaped bottle of vodka.  We have successfully packaged and sold our beloved vodka across much of Western Canada, and a number of great American States!  We hope you follow along  as we continue to grow and tell our story.  

The best way to get High Stick vodka is to visit a local liquor store, you can find the stores that carry our hand forged glass hockey sticks filled with only the best Premium Canadian Vodka's available.  Please go here to find where its available.    Or ask your local store to order it for you.

We are now developing merchandise for the most loyal fan base ever, High Stick fans all over the world!  Thank you for your support, we hope to be bringing many more branded accessories soon, but in the mean time we are working hard to bring you some great products from your favorite vodka brand.  

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More info about High Stick Vodka can be found HERE.