Deluxe High Stick Vodka Rack

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This unrivalled home bar showpiece will impress friends and provide that final touch every hockey fan needs. 

This "bar" comes with:

  • 6 hockey stick bottles
  • 6 standard bottles on top shelf. 
  • Most glorious stick rack ever made
  • Customised Bottom Shelf
  • Goal light (yes it lights up)

This is a healthy year's supply of vodka or one hell of a party, One thing is for sure, hockey viewing get-togethers will never be the same.  

Customise the text on the bottom shelf to your liking.  

The only possible issue with this "bar" is that you may have a hard time limiting the number of people that would like to attend your home events. 

PLEASE NOTE: It may take up 4-6 weeks to ship. Only 200 available for the Christmas season. Other customisation may be available, please contact us with requests. 
Can only ship alcohol to Canadian addresses.


Please be warned: having access to this international award winning vodka presented in such an attractive manner will elicit excitement, thirst and a strong desire to score.  Many shots may be taken. Please drink responsibly

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